The Escape Proof Cat Harness

We’ve all been there. We’ve tried a new harness on our cat, gone outside for the first time. They’ve gotten spooked. Wriggled out of the harness.

It’s not a situation that anyone wants to be in.

But we’ve discovered a harness that fits so well on our cats, Lumos & Noxie, that they can’t Houdini their way out of it.

The Supakit Gatsby Harness.

Noxie even tried to wriggle out of the harness so that she could make her way into a bush that held something interesting, and I did not want her going in.

But the Gatsby stayed on, no matter how skilled her flexible gymnastic moves were. And she safely stayed outside the bush.

What we love about the Gatsby Harness

So easy to fit

Each listing of the Supakit Gatsby harness includes a fitting guide, with pictures and instructions. I won’t lie, I thought it would be hard to measure our cats, particularly Noxie and she is particular about the things that touch her.

But nope, it was easy. I even did it while she was asleep.

No issues with her stealing the tape measure. And no bitting of my hand!

The Gatsby fits well

Most cat harnesses fit well in some areas and are loose in others. Some even end up looking like a cat crop top. Really not ideal….

But I was really surprised to see that this isn’t the case with the Gatsby.

The adjustable straps meant that they can be adjusted to fit well. So much so, that Lumos still fits into his medium sized harness after gaining some winter weight!

This fit means that there are no areas where the kitties might wriggle out of the harness. It also means that the harness isn’t too tight & uncomfortable in areas.

For kitties who are new to catexploring, the Gatsby is a great option as it fits so well. If your cat is used to a looser harness, it may take them some time to get used to the new fit, but they will get there!

Lumos & Noxie in their    Gatsby Cat Harnesses

Lumos & Noxie in their Gatsby Cat Harnesses

Easy to put on

It’s no secret that some cats do not enjoy the process of putting a cat harness on.

What I really like about the Gatsby is that it can be put on one handed with just one person.

Your kitty just steps into the harness and you clip it on their shoulders. And you’re done!

Easy to tether your cat into the cat backpack

Sometimes it can be a struggle to unclip your cat from their leash & then clip them into the tether of their cat backpack.

And this normally happens when you’re by yourself, your cat is wriggling because they don’t want to go home and you’re struggling to manage your cat (who is floundering around), your cat’s leash & the backpack.

The Gatsby harness is great in these situations as there are 2 links to attach the leash/tether. You can clip the leash on one, then the tether on the other.

Safe for catexploring those scary places

As the Gatsby is so escape proof, Lumos and Noxie wear it whenever we are in a situation that we are not confident in. Like, walking on the sidewalk on a busy road. Or if we are going to a new location that might have a lot of dogs. Or even a place where there might be some loud noises.

We’ve also found that the harness is thin enough & fitted that it can be worn under jackets and jumpers. An added bonus if we are catexploring in a busy area in the cold!

Hop on over to Supakit to check out the Gatsby Cat Harness for yourself!

This is a sponsored post.