5 Ways Technology Helps Make Your Cat Happy


Just as we find technology to help make our lives easier, the list of technology options for our cats are growing too.

And these help make it easier for us to make our cats happier.

So what options are out there?

1. Pet trackers for your cat

For all cat owners, trackers help give us an extra peace of mind.

They help find our cat if they get lost.

There are many types of trackers on the market, ranging from bluetooth, radio frequency and even GPS ones.

Our favourites are:

2.  Interactive toys for your cat

It is no secret that we are all getting busier, making it harder to find time to play with our cats.

But this doesn’t mean that our cats aren’t bored. We still need to keep them interested.

There has been an amazing increase in interactive toys for our kitties that help keep them entertained. We love:

3. Videos for cats

Yes, we will admit it. We are those cat parents.

When we’re tired, and can’t entertain our cats, we will turn on their favourite videos on an old phone for them to watch.

There are so many videos for cats on YouTube, and many run for 8 hours, meaning that your cat can watch them while you are at work.

We don’t recommend playing them on your big flat screen TV – your kitty may jump on the TV because they are so intent on catching a squirrel!

4. Music for cats

Just like there are videos for cats, there is music for cats.

Music for cats has been found to be therapeutic. This makes it great to play for cats who are nervous or in situation that they are scared, like in the car.

5. DNA testing for cats

DNA testing for humans is all the rage right now. But did you know that the same service is available for cats?

This is particularly helpful if you have a rescue cat and don’t know their family medical history.

While it not only nice to know what breed (or mixture of breeds) your cat is, it also helps you understand what illnesses and diseases your cat may be prone to. This will help you understand what symptoms you need to keep an eye out for and even how to treat them.

It helps you be better prepared.

The most popular cat DNA test is Basepaws.

We’re so excited to see what the future holds with how we can give our cats the world. As technology advances, so will the way in which technology can help us give our cats the world.